One manโ€™s adventure is anotherโ€™s stroll in the park.

Adventure travel can mean different things to different people, Adventure Trend is about different types of adventures, with a focus on overlanding. So, what’s overlanding?


At it’s best, travel is fun, culturally broadening, challenges our preconceptions, causes us to rethink our assumptions, shakes us up a bit, makes us broader minded and more understanding, makes us wiser, reminds us of our shared humanity.

Overlanding is a form of self-reliant adventure, often taking the road less travelled to remote destinations, getting off the crowded tourist trail, often to areas rarely visited by vehicle, creating unique journeys through remote regions of the world that might otherwise be too difficult to explore. Overlanders get closer to the real people, their true cultures, their local foods, their unique history, the spectacular landscapes, the real treasures of travel. The overlanding adventure is about the journey and the destinations.

One of the best and most efficient ways of exploring expansive lands is by independent overland vehicle. Its accomplished with mechanized, off-highway capable transport โ€“ from bicycles, to motorcycles, to cars, 4WD’s, and trucks. An independent, self-supported, long wandering, and eventful journey, over vastly changing terrain, at times in some of the worldโ€™s most inhospitable and extreme environments, usually over an extended period of time lasting weeks, months, or years, often spanning international boundaries.

Think along the lines of a jaunt from London to Singapore, or driving from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territoriesย to Ushuaia, Argentina exploring the Pan-American Highway for a couple or ten years. Or perhaps a journey around the world over for 36 years. The ultimate road trip. YMMV

Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.

โ€” Lovelle Drachman

Hi. I’m Robert Vinet.

In 2008 I took early retirement after being with the same employer for 28 years. I was only 48 years old. I was motivated to retire so early as a colleague, who I saw every day, had become ill with terminal brain cancer. When he received his diagnosis, he was literally 2 months away from setting off on his own world adventures with his wife. I too had dreams I wanted to chase. And I was witnessing how fragile life can be. Some of my dreams involved adventure travel. One involved ridding my motorcycle from the east coast of Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina. So I did that. And while I was doing that Paul passed away. And then I rode back. That experience opened a new world to me and informed a lot of my currently held philosophies.

Adventure Trend is a personal project. As I plan my adventures, I am organizing the information online as a resource to use in my travels.

The information presented on may be found in various other online publications, they are gathered here, in one place. Finding relevant information is becoming increasingly difficult as algorithms increasingly point searchers to a limited number of commercial providers. As I gather information, I present it here as perhaps others might find it a bit useful as well.

With this site I also hope to inspire at least some of you to have fun, affordable adventures that are culturally broadening. To live your own individual adventures, passions, lives, to try your best, to live by your principals, to reach for higher ideals, to be good and kind to others.

Perhaps the most important function of travel is the exchange of philosophies, science, technologies, cultures, and religions. It expands the mind. Human understanding. Acceptance. We live in a big, wonderful world that is not nearly as scary as some would have you believe.

If you’d like to contribute, I am always happy to receive information from locals, regular travellers, and travel professional. Thank you in advance.

This site is geared towards the overland traveller, as that’s what I do. However I love all types of adventure and hope other types of explorers, adventures, backpackers, RVers, and independent travellers find it useful as well.

All the information on Adventure Trend is available for free.