Portland’s Fido’s Taproom is the world’s first dog taphouse. It’s a 40-tap beer hall with a play area for adoptable rescue dogs.

Matthew Korfhage, writing in Willamette Week:

On one side, Fido’s is a kid-friendly 40-tap drinking hall with wine, cider and 30 taps of beer—including the coffee and caramel porters favored by its owner, Scott Porter. The walls are plastered with pictures of dogs. And unless it’s the Superbowl, the TVs also play videos of dogs.

“All the pictures in the taproom are dogs,” says Porter. “There’s not one beer sign. Even when you go to the bathroom, there’s a dog rescue story.”

But across the patio from the taproom, there’s a little play area home to six puppies, all of which can come home with you.