This week Saucony announced a limited edition Dunkin’ Donuts branded running shoe in celebration of the Boston Marathon.

“As we celebrate Saucony’s 120th anniversary, we’re proud to honor our hometown marathon and Boston’s rich running heritage in partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts, a brand known for ‘keeping America running,’” Saucony CMO Amanda Reiss said.

As a multiple Boston Marathon alumnus, I can tell you that few marathoners are fueled by empty donut calories. And fewer still that have qualified to run Boston.

I’m peeved with Saucony. Saucony was previously thought as a brand associated with serious runners. I have purchased many of their running shoes and apparel in the past. I’m surprised they would associate themselves with, and promote such an unhealthy food choice to their customers. This might help Saucony’s bottom line, but what bothers me most is that this sullies the distinction between what is healthy and what isn’t in the minds of average person.

But then I might be old fashioned. The limited edition running shoe of 2,000 pair, sold out quickly.

Dunkin’ Donuts Trots Out Branded Running Shoes in Honor of the Boston Marathon – Adweek