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Watch: Higher Truths

Four Noble Truths comprise the essence of Buddha’s teachings. The first  identifies the presence of suffering. This is evident in this film as we witness Cody Townsend and Chris Rubens head up the Tibetan Plateau in pursuit of skiing adventure.


Who’s faster: The race between humans and horses

1,000 people race a bunch of horses 21 miles across Wales at the 39th annual staging of Man vs Horse.

From Vice:

Man, so far, has won twice. Let’s just get that out of the way. The first was Huw Lobb in 2004, beating the horse by a clean couple of minutes, and then Florian Holzinger in 2007, who reportedly announced after finishing the race: “I am the German who is faster than a horse!”

The common denominator on both days, apart from the fact both were professional athletes, was heat

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