Still grumpy.

Russell Brandom, The Verge:

If you were looking at humorous pictures of cats on the internet in 2012, you might remember a particularly grumpy one.

The cat was named Tardar Sauce (a gross slur, when you think about it), and her owners became very, very rich in the years that followed. There was a Grumpy Cat movie, Grumpy Cat toys, and all manner of lesser-known Grumpy Cat products, basically a miniature industry of crap made in the image of this visibly unhappy pet.

Now, six years later, that industry is mature, and it’s starting to spawn its own lawsuit. This week, Grumpy Cat Limited (the corporate entity that handles all Grumpy Cat-related licensing) won a long-standing lawsuit against Grenade Beverage for violating Grumpy-related intellectual property in the coffee business.

Still Grumpy