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How to safely hike, camp, and backpack with your dog

Dogs can be excellent company in the outdoors. Exploring the wilderness with a furry friend can be an incredibly fun and bonding experience, but only if you plan ahead. If you don’t, bringing your dog could be a dangerous mistake, one that ends abruptly, unpleasantly, or even tragically.

Backpacker has some good advice on what do you need to know, bring, do, and avoid when camping, backpacking, or hiking with your dog.

In the dog-eat-dog world of American politics, Angus can’t run for Kansas governor


In the dog-eat-dog world of U.S. politics, a 3-year-old wire-haired Vizsla in Kansas was scratching his head, and behind his ears, after being denied a chance to run for governor, his owner said on Tuesday.

The Kansas man, who registered his dog named Angus for governor, said the secretary of state’s office has halted the campaign to put his pooch in politics.

“His platform was going to be free Chuckit balls for life,” said Terran Woolley, of Hutchinson.

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