It seems a 2,000-year-old life-size Terracotta soldier statue, worth US$4.5 million, one of 10 on loan to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, had one of it’s thumb swiped during an ugly Christmas sweater party at the institute.

Closed-circuit footage shows a disrespectful party guest sneak into a closed exhibit space for the all important selfies with the worrier statute. It’s then alleged he then broke off one of the thumbs.

The FBI tracked down the thief and discovered his ill-gotten priceless 210 B.C. artifact safely tucked away in his desk drawer.

The FBI arrested a suspect, 24-year-old Michael Rohana, who lives in Delaware. He has been charged with theft of an object of cultural heritage from a museum, concealment of that object, and interstate transportation of stolen goods.

He was later released on bail.

“We ask that the U.S. severely punish the perpetrator. We have lodged a serious protest with them,” said the director of the Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre.


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