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Some #asshat with a gun has killed 42 wild burros on public lands in California’s Mojave Desert

“We are deeply disturbed by this wanton crime and the senseless slaying of our nation’s wild burros,” Kitty Block, president of the Humane Society, said in a statement. “Anyone who is capable of this level of violence must be held accountable.”

BLM authorities agree.

“The cruelty involved in shooting these burros and leaving them to die warrants prosecution to the fullest extent of the law,” BLM’s deputy director for policy and programs, William Perry Pendley, said in a statement Wednesday. “We thank the animal welfare groups for adding their voices to those organizations who value these iconic symbols of the West.”

The BLM has teamed with conservation and animal welfare organizations to offer a reward leading to the capture of the shooter. As of now, that reward stands at $58,000. “With the increasing reward now on the table, we’re confident that someone will come forward with actionable information soon,” Pendley said.

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Roxham Road; The perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich; Film camera; Travel as a rite of passage

The perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

Worth experiencing: Interactive: Roxham – National Film Board of Canada

In early 2017, the number of asylum seekers arriving at Roxham Road sharply increased. This quiet and practically unknown road between the United States and Canada became the location with the largest number of irregular border crossings in the country.

Canon has sold it’s last film cameraPetaPixel

Mamoudou Gassama: Travelling is a rite of passage for many Malians – BBC

What if all guns suddenly disappeared? – BBC

More than 20 years ago, Vancouver doctors started noticing Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin was being abused, and yet the drug company continued to promoted it as being less addictive – NY Times // Is that enough to show criminal intent?

  • More than 2 years into public health emergency, officials in B.C. still struggle to slow deaths – CBC
  • ‘Unintended Consequences’ — Inside the fallout of America’s crackdown on opioids – The Washington Post (paywall)

Teens dump Facebook for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat – TechCrunch

Remington, the oldest gun maker in the United States, files for bankruptcy protection

Remington, which has been around since 1816, makes the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, the gun used in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut in 2012 that killed 20 first-graders and six educators. The AR-15 is the gun used to kill 17 people at a Parkland, Fla., high school on Valentine’s Day. The AR-15 was developed as a weapon of war to kill as many people as quickly as possible. It’s the reason it’s the choice of many mass-shooters.


Remington Outdoors, which also owns gun manufacturers including Marlin and Bushmaster, says sales in 2017 were just over $600 million, down more than 30 percent from 2016.

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