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Bankruptcy filings are increasing among Americans 65 and over

Wall Street Journal (paywall):

The study’s authors cited reductions in safety-net programs, including Social Security and Medicare, and the shift from old-fashioned pension plans, which guarantee retirees a set income for life, to 401(k)-type plans, which leave it up to workers to decide how much to save and how to invest.

“Financial risks were shunted off onto individuals,” said the study.

The age at which full Social Security benefits are available has been rising, to 67 for those born in 1960 or later, up from 65 for those born in 1937 or earlier.

In addition, incomes for retirees have stagnated in recent years while the percentage of households with debt headed by people 55 or older has risen steadily for more than two decades …

Is your doctor listening to you?


On average, patients get about 11 seconds to explain the reasons for their visit before they are interrupted by their doctors. Also, only one in three doctors provides their patients with adequate opportunity to describe their situation.


In just over one third of the time (36 per cent), patients were able to put their agendas first. But patients who did get the chance to list their ailments were still interrupted seven out of every ten times, on average within 11 seconds of them starting to speak. In this study, patients who were not interrupted completed their opening statements within about six seconds.

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