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It’s Anti-Bullying Day; Ascii Art Generator; Men should only be used for ‘human sacrifice’; Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski expelled; Horse sues former owner

Here’s Why the UK is About to Ban Q-TipsMental Floss

It’s Anti-Bullying Day, a day when people wear a orange, pink, blue, or purple shirt to symbolize a stand against bullying, an idea that originated in Canada.

Horse sues former owner for $100,000, seeking damages for neglect – Oregon Live

How salad became a major source of food poisoning in the US – Julia Belluz, Vox

Ascii Art Generator – By Sarath

Time to change your password again. Twitter this time. Another computer ‘glitch’.

YouTube now has 1.8 Billion logged-in users each month – Todd Spangler, Variety

Yeah! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization which oversees the Academy Awards which gives out the Oscars, expelled Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski, both convicted of sexual offences. Cosby was convicted last week of drugging and molesting a woman; Polanski remains a fugitive after pleading guilty to sex offences against a 13-year-old girl in 1977. The expulsions are the first since the academy implemented new code of conduct following its removal of Harvey Weinstein in October. – Globe and Mail

The Swedish Academy won’t award Nobel Prize in Literature this year – The Wall Street Journal

That seems a little harsh, unless you are a Black Widow Spider: Woman stabbed boyfriend during sex after telling him men should only be used for ‘human sacrifice’The Telegraph


May 4

1910: The Royal Canadian Navy is founded as the Naval Service of Canada.

1932Al Capone begins serving an eleven-year prison sentence for tax evasion.

1958: Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster, Canada’s famous and successful comedy duo from the 50’s and 60’s, make their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan hand picks the two, and signs Wayne and Shuster to an unprecedented one-year contract.

1959: The 1st Annual Grammy Awards are held.

1972: The one year old Canadian environmental organization Don’t Make A Wave Committee, changed its name to Greenpeace Foundation.

1973: The Anglican Church of Canada allows women to become ordained ministers.

1979Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Jeffrey Tambor cut from Transparent following Amazon investigation into multiple harassment claims

Amazon has cut Jeffrey Tambor from Transparent after a three-month internal investigation into sexual-harassment claims against the actor.

File this under: The deep-pit never-ending Hollywood sexual scandal. What the fuck has been going on?


Jeffrey Tambor has said he is “profoundly disappointed” in Amazon’s handling of sexual harassment allegations against him.

The company confirmed he wouldn’t be returning to Transparent after it concluded an internal investigation.

Allegations were made last year by Tambor’s personal assistant and one of his co-stars on the TV show.

Series creator Jill Soloway praised the accusers after his exit was confirmed for their “courage in speaking out”.


“I am profoundly disappointed in Amazon’s handling of these false accusations against me,” the Emmy-winning actor said Thursday. “I am even more disappointed in Jill Soloway’s unfair characterization of me as someone who would ever cause harm to any of my fellow cast mates”

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