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March 19, 2004: Quebec legalizes same-sex marriage

Les Perreaux, The Globe and Mail:

The newlyweds took little time to fall into the familiar patterns of marriage. A few months after they tied the knot, they spoke of real estate, heard and used the old line about the ball-and-chain, and even joked about a French proverb: “Marriage is a house where everyone outside wants to get in and everyone inside wants to get out.” But in this case, Michael Hendricks and René Leboeuf had fought a long struggle to get into the house. Mr. Hendricks, an American draft dodger, and Mr. Leboeuf, a Montreal hotel doorman, met and fell in love at a New Year’s party in the city in the 1970s and moved into their Plateau Mont-Royal house three years later. In the 1990s they began their lonely pursuit of marriage, sometimes holding street marches of two to make their demand. By 2004 an international movement had gained momentum. When the Quebec Court of Appeal confirmed a lower-court decision striking down the province’s prohibition of same-sex marriage on March 19, 2004, court cases had already cleared the way for more than a thousand wedding processions in Ontario and British Columbia. Michael Stark and Michael Leshner were the first same-sex couple legally married in Ontario in 2003. Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Leboeuf were rewarded for their long struggle on April 1, 2004.

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