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Best of the best travel destinations; Punishing treadmills; Gas prices 20% higher than last year; Epidemic of dishonesty; Are you in the wrong room?; A trainable dog-like robot; Banning trans fats; Israel turns 70

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” ~ Mathieu Flamini

A Toronto mother — who donated one of her kidneys to her six-year-old son — received the greatest gift for Mother’s Day when her son was discharged from the hospital. – CTV News

Ear Worm: The Mister Softee jingle has lyrics. Who knew? – The Daily Meal

Michael Bloomberg warns of an ‘epidemic of dishonesty‘ – Associated Press

Using less plastic leads to fewer harmful chemicals in the body – Tree Hugger

24 lists combined to find the top travel destinations for 2018Forbes

  • Top 10 are: 1) Mexico; 2) Australia; 3) Italy; tied for 4th) Canada and Spain; 6) South Korea; tied for 7th) California, China, and Louisiana; tied for 10th) Argentina, Malta, and Portugal.

Boston Dynamics to start selling its dog-like SpotMini robot in 2019 – TechCrunch // Will not be as adorable but will it be easier to train than Skye, my Cairn Terrier.

The World Health Organization wants all countries to ban trans fats from foodsCBC  Trans fats increase the risk of heart disease, the No. 1 cause of death around the world. Denmark banned them 15 years ago. Canada’s ban take effect this September.

Wowzers! The average price of gasoline in Canada has hit $1.38 a litre. That’s about $4.11 US per US dollar. And don’t expect any relief any time soon. – Globe and Mail (paywall) // That is more than 20% higher than the rate of about $1.10 a year ago. That difference adds up to an extra $14 per fill for the typical driver who pumps 50 litres of fuel a week.

Treadmills were originally designed to punish prisoners – Quartz

Israel celebrates it’s 70th by shooting and killing 41 58 Palestinians (and wounding another 1,600) protesting along the border fence over the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem – Washington Post, BBC


May 14

1643: Four-year-old Louis XIV becomes King of France. Louis the Great rules until he died in 1715.

1948: David Ben-Gurion publicly read the Israeli Declaration of Independence at the present-day Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, officially establishing the state of Israel.

1973: The NASA space station Skylab was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

1984: Jeanne Sauve is sworn in as Canada’s first female governor general. She stays in office until January 28, 1990.

Pesticides in food; Pointless jobs; The price of weed plummets; Working LEGO pinball machine, Deep Blue defeats Gary Kasparov; Seaweed reduces methane in cows

The founder of Mother’s Day strongly disagreed with the commercialization of a day meant for children to honour their mothers. – Quartz

A simple way to improve a billion lives: EyeglassesThe New York Times

The Sierra Gorda Biosphere ReserveAdventure Trend

Consumer Reports ranks best sunscreensWTOP

Volunteers, nonprofits reviving some California state parksSan Francisco Chronicle

The Sistine Chapel of Comic-Strip Art – It’s a NYC sports bar – The New York Times 

Genetic analysis suggests squirrels helped the global spread leprosyGizmodo

Only in select Canadian cities: Timbits Bouquet for Mother’s Day

FDA chemists have been finding pesticides in food – and keeping it quiet – Modern Farmer

The oversupply of marijuana in Oregon has caused the price of weed to plummetThe Guardian

Why do so many people feel their work is completely pointless? – The Guardian

Watch: Working LEGO pinball machine built from 15,000 bricks – Brothers Brick

Seaweed in cow feed reduces methane emissions almost entirely – Foodtank

Work-Life Balance: Young Chinese are sick of working long hoursBBC

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Europe cannot count on U.S. anymore – Bloomberg

  • US faces European backlash against Iran sanctions – The Guardian

US lawmakers release 3,519 Facebook ads from Russia-linked accounts showing a coordinated effort to sow distrust in US politics – Bloomberg


May 11

868: The oldest printed and dated book, The Diamond Sutra. It now resides at the British Museum in London.

1812: British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval is assassinated as he walked through the lobby of the House of Commons.

1904: Spanish painter Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Spain.

1910: Glacier National Park in Montana was designated a national park.

1997: IBM’s Deep Blue defeats Russian grand master Gary Kasparov in the deciding game of their six-game series in New York City. This is their second meeting and the first time a machine beats a reigning world chess champion in a classical match.

Experiences over gifts for Mother’s Day; Vanilla ice cream is under threat; Nelson Mandela: Let freedom reign; Trudeau regrets U.S. President’s Iran decision; The real Dr. Drai

Tourism’s carbon impact three times larger than estimated – BBC

Mom’s prefer experiences over gifts on Mother’s Day – Globe and Mail

Vanilla ice cream is under threat. A huge spike in pure vanilla extract prices is making some bakeries and ice cream makers think twice about whether to keep making it. We might be stuck with chocolate to help cool down – CBC

South Korea is cracking down on texting while walking with an app that locks devices after detecting  users have been walking for more than five steps while using their phones. – Yonhap News Agency

On Wednesday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a thinly veiled rebut to the U.S. President’s backing out of the Iran nuclear weapons deal and stressed Canada remains aligned with most countries in supporting the deal – Globe and Mail This was a rare and complex deal that involved many countries. Not unlike what we are going through with North Korea, the issues on the table are pretty complex. Lets hope the rest of the world can take the lead where the US breaks promises and signed agreements, because the U.S. President is dropping the ball with his America First/America Alone policy and the world is a more dangerous place because of it.

Dr. Dre lost a trademark court battle with a gynecologist. The raper argued that Dr. Drai, the real doctor, would cause confusion among fans. – Chicago Tribune


May 10

1994Nelson Mandela was sworn into office as the first democratically elected president of South Africa. This was a day to celebrate a historic victory over a racist regime. “Let freedom reign,” Mandela said in his inauguration speech.

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