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Why do some of us cringe when we hear a recording of our own voice

The Guardian:

So, even though we may be surprised by the “Mickey Mouse” quality of what we actually sound like, it is the extralinguistic content of what our voices may reveal that could be more disconcerting. Yet it is unlikely that others are similarly surprised by a high-pitched aspect of your voice, and moreover others probably aren’t making the same evaluations about your voice that you might. We tend not to be critical of other people’s voices, so the chances are you’re the only person thinking about your own.

13 year old boy suspended from Kentucky school for inhaling helium to get ‘squeaky voice’

Valarie Honeycutt Spears, Lexington Herald-Leader via MSN:

Robert Rodriguez, an eighth-grader at Simons Middle School in Flemingsburg, told the Lexington Herald-Leader he inhaled the helium from balloons in class last week because “I wanted a squeaky voice.” His mother Tonya Miller said her son merely wanted to sound like the cartoon character Donald Duck, but school officials viewed that as huffing and he was suspended Friday afternoon.

“If the school district considers helium a drug, why are they selling it to our children?” Miller said. “Students were unaware that this was punishable until after my son was suspended.”

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