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More Canadians Getting High; Peacocks Attacking Cars; Cross Country on a Unicycle; Japan is Shrinking; Meditation Saves a Life

Iceland is a gun-loving country with no shooting murders since 2007 – NBC News

A historic exodus is leaving Venezuela without teachers, doctors and electriciansWashington Post

Monique Richard, the first woman to summit Mount Logan in Yukon’s Kluane National Park, Canada’s highest mountain, solo, says her biggest fear came when she fell into a dangerously deep crevice. – Canadian Press

51 year old swimmer Benoit Lecomte sets off from Japan in a record Pacific crossing attempt. His planned destination is the U.S. west coast. It should take him about 6 months to complete. – BBC

  • If you are doubtful this is impossible, Lecomte previously swam the frigid Atlantic Ocean in 73 daysThe Independent // But that was 20 years ago, and that trip was some 2,400 kilometres shorter.

New report finds no evidence that having sex with robots is healthy – WSJ (paywall) // Did someone, anyone, really believe it was?

The death toll from Guatemala‘s volcano has climbed to 69 people as new explosion hampers rescue efforts – ABC News, CBC

A 23 year old Alberta student is attempting to cross Canada on a unicycle, and has so far made it over the Rockies. – CBC

Canadians are expected to be smoking, eating and vaping up to 35% more marijuana once cannabis is legalized – CBC // Will that make us even nicer?

Unintended benefit? Unlike alcohol, cannabis has no caloriesCBC

Apple copied Google Android, again, and unveiled new features in iOS 12 to reduce distractions, including Screen Time, Do Not Disturb at Bedtime, grouped notifications, and new parental controls – Apple // Or you could exercise a bit of self discipline, take back control of your life, and simply power it off at bedtime and when you don’t want to be disturbed.

The CEO of Aetna, an American health insurance company, was considering suicide before he found meditationQuartz

Japan’s shrinking population: A record low 946,000 children were born in 2017. Meanwhile deaths hit a post-war high of 1,340,433, resulting in a natural decrease of 394,373 people. – Japan Times

Feral peacocks are attacking vehicles in British Columbia, causing thousands of dollars in damages – CTV News

‘I have daily struggles’: Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles reflective after victory

I like this guy. He just won the Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the US. He was voted the Most Valuable Player in that game. He beat one of the biggest names in American football. Yet he remained humble. He went to be with his family after will is likely his biggest sporting victory. He credits the others on his team. Nick Foles understands what’s really important.

Paolo Bandini, writing for The Guardian:

“It’s just a great honour to be up here and accept this on behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles,” said Foles. “I’m fortunate to be part of a great team, great players, great coaching staff and I think just the play of the last couple of weeks was just a team thing. We kept working, kept game-planning, kept talking to [head coach] Doug [Pederson] about what I liked, and him and all the coaching staff kept building it around what we were doing.

“And then it was just a reflection of the execution on the field, and pulling for one another just like we have been all year. So, in that it wasn’t necessarily me, it was everyone around me that did an amazing job.”


I’m not perfect, I’m not Superman. I might be in the NFL, and we might have just won the Super Bowl, but I still have daily struggles … And that’s really just been the message, simple. If something’s going on in your life and you’re struggling, embrace it, because you’re growing.”

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