Hi. I’m Robert. This is where I post observations on a random assortment of interests.

I try to make the most of life. I am an adventurer, world traveler, photographer, sailor, techie, marathoner, and dog owner. (Scout is a Cairn Terrier, and if you could ask her, I’m sure she’d say she’s the owner.) I’ve been a race car and rally driver, but I gave up that foolishness. I have yet to jump out of a flying airplane.

I value authenticity, integrity, and well-being. Learning and growing. Having a good and meaningful life. Kindness and doing good. Enriching the lives of others. Giving back and doing the right thing, even when it’s hard to do. I believe life is short and fragile.

I’m the guy behind Living 2.0.  Living 2.0 is about achieving a happy, healthy, and successful life through a holistic approach that optimizes all the areas of well-being. Simply put, Living 2.0 is about living a good life.

You can email me at Hello@RobertVinet.com.

I read all email and try to reply to within 24 hours. Unless I am in an area of the world where I can’t hook up to the Internet, like sailing in the middle of the Atlantic, for example.

There is an RSS feed for this blog, should you be one of the few remaining people using a newsreader. For the rest of you, I don’t a newsletter here (but I publish one on Living 2.0), so just check back here often.