Hi. I’m Robert.

I’m not one who likes labels, but in the spirit of introducing myself I’d say that I am an adventurer, world traveler, photographer, sailor, techie, marathoner, and dog owner. (Skye is a Cairn Terrier.) I try to make the most of life. I’ve been both a race car and rally driver,  I’ve run marathons, including Boston, and I have ridden my motorcycle throughout North, Central and South America. I have yet to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but its in the plan.

I value authenticity, integrity, and well-being. Learning and growing. Having a good and meaningful life. Kindness, doing good, giving back, and doing the right thing.

I’m the guy behind Living 2.0.  Living 2.0 is about achieving a happy, healthy, and successful life. Simply put, Living 2.0 is about living the life you want.

I also help clients realize their goals, face their challenges, and achieve what is important to them.

You can email me at Hello@RobertVinet.com.

I read all email and try to reply to within 24 hours. Unless I am in an area of the world where I can’t hook up to the Internet, like sailing in the middle of the Atlantic, for example.

Be well.