The United States of America is being led by someone fixated with his popularity and press coverage. To watch him is like watching a contestant on Survivor, the TV show. He is unpredictable, inept, a bully, an abuser, a compulsive liar who has frequent temper tantrums. Except this is not television. This is not a game. This is real life. He believes he is a brilliant dealmaker, despite alienating America’s closest allies and personally attracting world leaders, or anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He is isolating himself and the country.  And yet, a large percentage of the American population, inexplicably, stands with him. He needs to be voted off the island. And soon. Before he does more irreplaceable damage to the image of a once great nation.

G7 unity torpedoed by the angry U.S. President tweets dismissing Trudeau as ‘dishonest & weak’ – CBC

The U.S. President retracts his endorsement of G7 final statement – CBS

The U.S. President lashed out at allies: ‘Fair trade, fool trade’, His tweets spew ire on NATO allies, Trudeau – Reuters

  • French president Emmanuel Macron condemned the U.S. President for his “fits of anger and throwaway remarks” – BBC
  • German chancellor Angela Merkel called the U.S. President actions “depressing”Politico
  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May calls on the U.S. President to honour G7 commitmentsThe Guardian
  • European leaders are outraged by the U.S. President over G-7 statement, but they’re not surprised – Star Tribune
  • James Comey tweets support for Canada after the U.S. President attacks Trudeau – The Hill

The U.S. President’s ‘Bully’ attack on Trudeau outrages CanadiansNY Times

The U.S. President is a bully who thought Canada was weak. He was wrong about us – The Guardian

Leaders from across Canada’s political spectrum voiced their support Sunday for free trade and opposition to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum while denouncing the U.S. President’s administration’s unprecedented attacks on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. – CTV News

The U.S. President takes more swipes at Canada after arrival in Singapore for meeting with North Korean leader – Star Tribune, CTV New

Trade war looms: A U.S. President adviser says Trudeau deserves ‘special place in hell’ for criticizing U.S. tariffs – Globe and Mail

  • A U.S. President adviser’s attack on Trudeau sparks backlash in U.S. and elsewhere – The Hill

The U.S. President confesses illegal motive, blows up legal basis for his trade warNY Magazine

Under the current U.S. President, “America First” really is turning out to be America AloneThe New Yorker

Is he aligning himself with his Russian buddy Putin? The U.S. President Tries to Destroy the WestNY Times

The White House hasn’t apologized for it’s comments, so other Americans are doing it instead.

The U.S. President owes Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau an apology – belittling our PM is unacceptable – Globe and Mail

  • The White House won’t do it. The U.S. President is not man enough. He’s a bully. But Robert De Niro did. He apologized to Canada “for the idiotic behaviour of my president” at the G7 summit. – CBC via YouTube

On a positive note, many Americans are using the hashtag #ThanksCanada right now.