Caroline Kee, writing for BuzzFeed:

You’d like to believe nobody over the age of 5 wants to pop a laundry detergent pod in their mouth but, apparently, 2018 is full of surprises. So many people are eating the pods that Tide and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have had to issue warnings. How is this even a thing?

What began as a satirical article about eating detergent pods in the Onion from 2015 — a harmless internet joke — turned into a dangerous meme that went viral in late 2017. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, centers across the country handled 39 cases of people intentionally ingesting laundry detergent in 2016 among people aged 13 to 19, 53 cases in 2017, and 39 in the first two weeks of 2018 alone, BuzzFeed News previously reported.