Update March 20, 2018: The world’s last male white rhino has was put down after a long illness. This leaves only two females left in the world. Source: BBC

March 2, 2018 headline: Health of ‘The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World’, the world’s last male northern white rhino, is in serious decline

‘The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World’, the world’s last know male northern white rhino is very old and his health is deteriorated quickly, bringing the subspecies a step closer to extinction.

Christopher Torchia, Associated Press:

Northern white rhinos once roamed parts of Chad, Sudan, Uganda, Congo and Central African Republic, and there were more than 2,000 remaining as recently as 1960, according to Save the Rhino International, a London-based group.

The last northern white rhinos in the wild were observed more than a decade ago in Congo’s Garamba National Park, whose animals have often been targeted by armed groups amid conflict in the region. Efforts to safeguard the subspecies by moving a small number to Kenya collapsed.

Updated March 3, 2018:

Last male northern white rhino takes a walk despite illness – The Associated Press