Agence France-Press:

A study which followed 22,000 heart attack survivors aged 18-74, found that those who boosted their exercise levels after being discharged from hospital, halved their risk of dying within the first four years.


Almost 1,100 of the group of 22,227 died in the four years of the study.

The team also measured whether the patients became less or more active over time, or maintained a constant level of activity.

Making provision for other factors such as the patients’ age, gender, smoking habits and health, the team then looked at trends.

“Compared to patients who were constantly inactive, the risk of death was 37 per cent, 51 per cent, and 59 per cent lower in patients in the categories of reduced activity, increased activity, or constantly active, respectively,” said a press statement.


The Study: Exercise after a heart attack. It could save your life – European Society of Cardiology