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The Literal Translation Of Every Country’s Name

Instead of calling countries by their proper names, like “Canada” and “Spain,” this article on Digg calls them by their literal translations. Canada translates to “The Village” and Spain is “Land of Many Rabbits.”

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The Muslim Drink

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The Economic Reason Young People Are Having Less Sex

Compared with previous generations, American millennials don’t buy homes and cars, or drink alcohol at the same rate. Perhaps most striking, they have less sex. This piece argues this is due to millennials’ low risk tolerance.

Allison Schrager writing in Quartz:

Relationships are risky. You might find deep fulfillment, or get rejected. A casual relationship could turn unpleasant, the other person may get too attached, you may get too attached, and there could be a messy break-up. Going on a first date can be awkward, uncomfortable, wonderful, or any other number of things. There is evidence that millennials may be less inclined to take these risks. They date less, despite technology that enables them to meet more people, and are slower to marry or be in long-term relationships. All of this results in less sex.

Some commentators and economists speculate that millennials are more risk averse than previous generations. This is hard to generalize. But one thing sets millennials apart from previous generations is that they benefit from a higher risk-free return from not leaving the house. When TV was boring and video games were rudimentary, you had to go out into the real world for the best entertainment and stimulation, both good and bad. No longer. Now everyone can live what feels like an entertaining life without taking the risk of leaving the house. Binging prestige television shows or playing immersive video games is almost guaranteed to be a pleasant evening—Tinder offers no such promises.


But like avoiding risk in any other markets, the benefits are limited. Taking risks is how we get more from life and move forward. A evening spent with Netflix may feel good in the moment, but a lack of social interaction may ultimately contribute to loneliness and anxiety.

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Merriam-Webster Has Added 640 New Definitions

Merriam-Webster is  is now more swole.

The Springfield, Massachusetts-based dictionary added 640 new words, including bug-out baggo-cup, EGOT, buzzy, garbage time, and  omnicide.

The additions include new words and phrases, and also some old words with new meanings or applications.

Unplug has traditionally meant to tug an electric plug from a wall socket, but now, it also now means to disconnect from social media.

And while snowflake is still defined as a beautiful ice crystal that floats from the sky, but it is now also defined as “someone who is overly sensitive,”

The definitions are added to the online dictionary first, before some are later added to print updates of the company’s popular Collegiate Dictionary.

Source: AP

Conservatives were more likely than liberals to use adultery-focused dating website Ashley Madison

Researchers have shown that politically conservative Americans, with more restrictive their sexual attitudes, were more likely to have signed up for the adultery-focused dating website Ashley Madison than we’re liberal minded folks.

Our results provide support for theories arguing that people with stricter sexual attitudes are paradoxically more likely to engage in deviant sexual behavior.

The Japanese national football team gave the world a lesson in grace


Even after they were booted out of the World Cup, the Japanese national football team gave us a lesson in grace.

Following their heartbreaking loss to Belgium on Monday, the players left behind a note that said “спасибо” (Russian for “thank you”) in their locker room.

Oh, and they cleaned it up.

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