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General boat prep check list for long distance voyaging on a small boat

Prudent seamanship and routine checks and maintenance prevent issues, catch issues before they become big problems, and will limit breakages on voyages.

  • Basics
    • Hull:
      • Seacocks
      • Winches
      • Bearings
      • Anodes
      • Anti-Foul
    • Steering
      • Quadrant
      • Cables (Carry Spares)
      • Redundancy
      • Emergency Tiller
      • Self-Steering
      • Autopilot
      • Note: Steering problems are common on long voyages, especially when sailing with the trade winds. Preventative maintenance. Keep it simple. Have backups. Plan ahead and have a plan for when the main system fails.
    • Rig – Standing and Running
      • Age (Insurance max 10 years?)
      • Halyards (Chafe)
      • Blocks
      • Furling Lines
      • Corrosion
      • Chaffing
      • Daily Check
      • Messenger lines in Mast
      • Spares (carrying Dyneema for running repairs)
    • Sails
      • Age & Service
      • Reefing System (Night time and rough weather plans)
      • Roller Furling Operation
      • Downwind Sail plan
      • Storm sails
      • Battens
      • Preventer
      • Note: The most common breakage on blue water voyages are ripped sails and breakages caused by chafe. Also, the majority of damage is caused from the yacht being overpowered, or when hoisting, furling, or dousing.
  • Engine
    • Tools
    • Clean Fuel
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Water traps
    • Dual and Independent Filter System (with spares)
    • Oil
    • Spares of everything
    • Preventative Servicing
    • Stuffing Box, Shaft, Prop (with rope cutter), Alternator (spare) – It’s not if, but when you will get dirty fuel, plan accordingly
  • Safety
    • Life Jackets
    • Harnesses
    • Jackstays
    • MoB Tracking
    • MoB Recovery System
    • EPIRB
    • AIS
    • Liferaft
    • Grab Bag
    • Training
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Bilge Pumps (Automatic and Manual)
    • First Aid Kit
    • Propane Solenoid
    • Propane/C0 sniffer
  • Power Management
    • Power Audit
    • Generation (Solar, Wind, Alternator)
    • Redundancy (Multiple ways to charge batteries)
    • Batteries (Age, Type, Service, Condition, Securely Attached)
    • Backup Batteries on separate system
    • Fuses/Breakers (spares)
  • Food & Water
    • Propane, Butane, Alcohol
      • Different areas offer different fuels
    • Crash Bar on Oven
    • Water
      • At least two separate holding tanks (redundancy)
      • Bottles
      • Watermaker
        • Spare parts
        • If equipped, do you also have a Generator which requires Preventative Maintenance
      • Water Catchment System
      • Salt Water Tap (functional and clearly identified so as to not waste fresh water)
    • Refrigeration
  • Anchoring
    • Spares & Stern
    • Chain & Rode
    • Snubber
    • Anchor Roller
    • Windless & Alternative
    • Anchor Locker
  • Electronics
    • AIS (Receiver & Transponder)
    • Radar?
    • Radios
      • VHF
      • Amateur/SSB
    • Satalite
  • Extras
    • Dinghy
      • Outboard
      • Oars
      • Sails
    • Sun shade
      • Bimini
      • Awning
      • Scoops
      • Hatch Covers
      • Canvas UV protection
    • Toilet (Common source of problems while on voyages)
      • Holding Tanks (Legal requirements to area you are travelling in, to.)
  • Spares & Repairs
    • Plan to deal with whatever may happen onboard
    • Comprehensive Tool Kit
    • Reference Manuals and Other Material
    • Spares (hose, belts, lines, etc)
    • Updated Stowage Plan posted near companionway

Top tips for cruising

  • Stay Afloat
  • Stay Manoeuvrable
  • Keep the Rig Up
  • Keep Functional Sails
  • Keep Crew Fed and Watered

Applies to short and long distance cruising.

Watch: Sailing along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

From Patagonia:

“The Earth is a source of life, it’s not a resource.”

Standing up for Canada, Facts Matter; Antarctic is melting; Sir Robin Knox-Johnston; Happy Birthday Donald Trump

Canada’s population has reached 37 million, according to new data released this morning by Statistics Canada. It took just two years and two months to add one million people, which stood at 37,067,011 as of April 1.

50 years ago today, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston bid farewell to his parents and began an incredible 312 day journey which cemented him in the history books as the winner of the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, making him the first person to sail solo, non-stop around the world.

NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity has survived 5,161 days longer than expected — but a massive storm threatens to end its mission

A new study looking at 25 years of data came to the conclusion that the Antarctic ice sheet is melting about three times faster than earlier thought. The Antarctic ice sheet covers about 24 million square kilometres and holds about 60 per cent of all fresh water on Earth. If it were to melt completely, it would raise sea levels by 58 metres.

Facts Matter: Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland addressing an audience that had just presented her an award in Washington, D.C. offered a rebuke of U.S. President Donald Trump’s tariffs plan, without saying his name, calling for truth, facts,  open trade, and rules-based order.

Chrystia Freeland’s speech:

A group of U.S. Republican senators is siding with Canada on tariffs (paywall)

The Stanford Prison Experiment, the most famous psychology study of all time, was a sham.

The State of New York sues Trump Foundation, alleging ‘extensive’ lawbreaking. New York’s attorney general sued Trump, three of his children and the ‘non-profit’ Donald J. Trump Foundation. Barbara Underwood alleges “persistent illegal conduct” at the foundation, including support for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. She asked the court to dissolve the non-profit, and impose bans on Trump, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and his daughter Ivanka from holding leadership roles in New York charities. The suit states: “Mr. Trump ran the Foundation according to his whim, rather than the law.” Money raised under the guise of helping veterans was being used to help elect Trump.

June 14

1872: Labour unions are legalized in Canada.

1900: Hawaii becomes a United States territory.

1928: Che Guevara is born in Rosario, Argentina.

1946: Donald Trump is born in Queens, New York.

1997: The U.S. Center for Disease Control reported the first-ever decline in AIDS deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic.

2017: A massive fire at the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in London kills 72 people. It’s Britain’s deadliest fire on domestic premises since the Second World War.

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