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WSPR Explained » How radio amateurs transmitting as little as one milliwatt can be heard on the other side of the world

Unlike most of ham radio, this is a one-way mode. Not only is there little expectation anyone will be listening, but there’s even less that the signal would make it back. Radio propagation isn’t always a two-way path.

WSPR’s biggest selling point is you can do it on the cheap. It’s easy to set yourself up for not much more than $100 and often a whole lot less. And, though a ham radio license is needed to transmit, anyone can put up a receiver. And the US ham license test is multiple-choice, all published and online.

» Geoff Fox at Extreme Tech provides a quick overview of WSPR » Weak Signal Propagation Reporting.

An Explanation of Why We Ground Electrical Systems

Posted byu/VVillyD on Reddit:

… There are 2 very common myths regarding electricity which are important to dispel at this point. Myth 1: electricity is ‘trying to get to ground or the Earth’. Get this out of your head right now and forget you ever heard it. This is not true and I have heard many stories of people who created harmful situations because they believed this whole-heartedly. Fact 1:electricity is ‘trying to get back to it’s source’.

Myth 2: electricity takes the path of least resistance. If this were true, it would be impossible to connect circuits in parallel, because the electricity would only take the parallel path which has the least resistance. Basic electrical theory and Kirchhoff’s Law tell us this isn’t true. Fact 2: electricity takes ALL conductive paths available to it. …

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