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The Stress of Separation and Detention Changes the Lives of Children

These actions have focused outrage and attention on the current U.S. Administration’s callous, racial, and white supremacist agenda.

What shocks me the most is not that these actions are supported by many Americans. The U.S.A. has a long history of problems over race. What shocks me the most is just how deep and wide the support really is.

This is the United States of America today. This is what is happening now. And there is a good chance this will continue for a while as there’s a good chance he will get reelected.

The horrific conditions under which immigrants and especially immigrant children are being held in US detention centers, rightly reminds us of the Nazi concentration camps. Lessons of the past have been forgotten.

What I’ve Learned: If their words don’t match their actions, trust their actions. More important than talk is how one lives their life and how they treat others.

Isaac Chotiner, writing for The New Yorker (paywall):

What most concerns you about what we have read about and seen from these border facilities holding children?

Oh, God, where do I begin? I think—to cut through all of the noise, the politics, the back-and-forth on the details—there are just two core issues that are screaming out. One is the fact that the forced and abrupt separation of children from their parents is a huge psychological trauma and assault. The magnitude of the nature of the crisis for a child’s health and well-being cannot be overstated. Abrupt separation from primary caregivers or parents is a major psychological emergency.

The second issue is the prolonged placement of children in institutional settings. Obviously, the two are linked in this particular situation. From the perspective of what we know about children’s health and well-being, what we know about trauma, abrupt separation is one area where we have a lot of research and a lot of evidence about its consequences. But prolonged institutionalization is a separate area in which we have an equally deep research base and knowledge about how damaging that kind of setting is for kids. We are dealing with two very well-studied, serious assaults on the health and well-being of children.

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O Canada!

Historica Canada, the folks that put together the Heritage Minutes we see on TV, have put together this salute to our national anthem.

How many of those Heritage Minutes can you pick put?

VW celebrates it’s 100,000th California Camper Van at the Hannover Plant

And it’s not available in North America.

The German marque has announced the completion of its 100,000th California camper van at its Hannover-Limmer plant. To date, more than 160,000 examples of the vehicle have rolled off the production line since its debut nearly 30 years ago – but this 100,000 milestone is a big one for VW. It makes the California one of the best-selling, most successful mobile home in its class.

Traveling the World With a 71-Year Old Kayaker

Great Big Story via YouTube:

At the age of 34, Aleksander Doba paddled his first kayak. From there began a love affair with the sea that continues nearly four decades later. Driven by a fearless curiosity, Aleksander took to exploring the world from the seat of a kayak. In 2017, at the age of 70, he kayaked across the Atlantic for the third time, spending 110 days solo at sea. His entire journey from New Jersey to Brittany, France, took him 5,039 miles across the ocean, battling tropical storms and treacherous waves. For some, his expeditions seem impossible, but with every new adventure, Aleksander discovers a new, beautiful way to see the world.

The beginner’s guide to sailing

Caleb Paine, Popular Mechanics:

  • Why You Should Learn To Sail
  • Finding a place to learn
  • Understanding what’s happening
  • Tying off a line
  • Getting equipped
  • Questions for first time sailers
  • Should you buy a boat?

10 of Canada’s undiscovered gems and experiences

The Globe and Mail explores the annual reindeer migration in the Northwest Territories, to epic waves on Lake Erie, and cycling the Eastern Townships of Quebec.


Two Sherpa climbers set new summit records on Mount Everest

Kami Rita Sherpa, 48, set a new world record on Wednesday by ascending Mount Everest for the 22nd time.

Meanwhile, Lhakpa Sherpa, 45. reached the summit of Mount Everest for the ninth time, thereby breaking her own record for the most summits of the world’s tallest peak by a woman.

More: Outside Magazine, Reuters, Associated Press

Why would anyone want to run ultra marathons?

From GoshDamn via Vimeo:

Ultra-running is one of those sports that takes everything. The training, the diet, the lifestyle, it all requires an immense amount of dedication if you want to compete seriously. Robbie Britton is taking it seriously.

Just what goes through the mind of someone who wants to be best, in one of the world’s most punishing sports?

New Zealand Ascending

From Martin Heck at Timestorm Films:

Explore southern New Zealand in a journey from the dry highlands of canterbury to the lush rainforests of the westcoast and the rugged coastlines of the south to the highest peaks of the southern Alps. Captured in incredibly detailed 8K resolution and mastered at 60fps this video is aimed to bring you as close to the scenery as being just on location.

More: Timestorm Films

Many are now choosing to travel alone

Annabel Fenwick Elliott, The Telegraph:

As far as younger travellers go, according to data from the Abta, almost one in eight 18-24 year olds reported going on a holiday by themselves in 2017. In 2011, this question was asked to 15-24 year olds and the figure was just 4.5 per cent.

According to Hostelworld, the number of solo bookings made by Britons has increased 60 per cent over the past three years, the highest rise globally.

Singles holiday operator Just You says the age of their clientele ranges from 21 to 90, but averages out at the 55+ age group.

What does appear to be consistent, however, is that women are much more likely to travel alone than men, and that’s only rising.

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