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69-year-old double amputee from China summits Everest

Xia Boyu of China, who lost both his feet during a failed Everest attempt in 1975, and later had both legs amputated due to cancer, finally reached the summit on prosthetic limbs yesterday on his fifth attempt.

Justin Housman, reporting at the Adventure Journal:

Last December, the Nepalese government wrote a new rule banning double amputees from obtaining permits to climb Everest. At the time, it seemed like it was the end of Chinese climber and amputee Xia Boyu’s decades-long quest to summit the world’s highest peak. But on Monday, that quest was realized.


On Monday morning, Xia finally reached the summit, along with a team of Sherpas. Xia is the first double amputee to reach Everest’s peak from the Nepal route; a fellow double amputee from New Zealand named Mark Inglis summited from the Tibet route in 2006.


Climber Who Lost Both Feet While Climbing Everest Finally Summits It 43 Years Later – Adventure Sports Network

Ten things no one tells you before an Antarctic expedition

Patrick Woodhead, writing in the Telegraph:

  1. You’re going to have to eat a lot of raw butter.
  2. Washing is a painful experience.
  3. Take it one step at a time.
  4. Choose your companions carefully. You may have to eat them.
  5. Going mental.
  6. The tent is a surprisingly nice place to be.
  7. Take a notebook and pencil.
  8. Frostbite is about sweat, genetics and experience.
  9. Expect delays. Planes rarely run on schedule.
  10. There is often a huge sense of isolation and disconnect when you come back to everyday life.

Read the whole article.

The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve

Part of the World’s Inspiring Places for travellers series.

Mother’s Day gifts that are all about travel and adventure

Mary Forgione, of the Los Angeles Times has some suggestions — tough on the rather pricey side — on how to tell mom how much you love her. Suggestions include horseback riding in Iceland, a weekend to Belize Barrier Reef, and a spa weekend.

However you chose to celebrate your mother, she probably prefers experiences over flowers and trinkets.

Video: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park remains closed

5 ways adventure travel makes you a better entrepreneur

According to Blake Snow, as written in Entrepreneur Magazine:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Adaptive resilience
  3. Reading people
  4. Lead instead of manage
  5. Exceptional confidence

Watch: The Reef Beneath

Join Belinda Baggs, Wayne Lynch, and Kimi Werner as they travel to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to assess the health of the largest living structure on the planet.

Patagonia via YouTube:

Sometimes it’s the things we don’t see that matter most.
Connected by a shared passion for the ocean and a desire to protect it, Belinda Baggs, Kimi Werner and Wayne Lynch embarked on a sailing journey along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The largest living structure on earth, the reef provides habitats for thousands of species. The reef, however, is under threat. Currently almost half of its coral has been lost or damaged, most of this in some way attributable to human impact, the biggest single factor being climate change. The three sailors explored the reef and experienced personally how something as vast and wonderful as the Great Barrier Reef can at the same time be entirely vulnerable, realizing as they sailed and swam that time is fast running out to save it.

Watch: Jimmy Chin talk about the deeper meaning of climbing

Jimmy Chin: The Deeper Meaning of Climbing from The Atlantic on Vimeo:

Jimmy Chin may be best known as a professional climber, skier, and mountaineer, but his recent foray into photography and filmmaking (Meru) affords him the ability to share what he describes as “some of the deeper meanings and ideas behind climbing.” In this short animation, excerpted from an interview with The Atlantic, Chin describes how a great photograph or film has the unrivaled power to capture the imagination and move people. “In the mountains, the stakes are really high and the risks are very extreme,” says Chin. “My career as a photographer…became part of my obsession to share these incredible stories.”

Watch: A Letter to All

5Point Adventure Film Festival via Vimeo:

In 2007, Julie Kennedy founded the 5Point Film Festival. In 2012, her husband Michael Kennedy, one of America’s most legendary alpinists wrote an open ‘Letter to My [his] Son’ that was published in The Alpinist Magazine. They were poignant and heartfelt words from a father to his son discussing life, passion and direction. After losing their son this year, it seemed like an appropriate homage to revisit and repurpose these words for the larger community. The letter reminds us to live our own individual adventures, passions, lives and to always try our best to reach for the highest ideals and embody the 5points: purpose, respect, commitment, humility, balance.

12 strangely abandoned towns in America

According to Sophie-Claire Hoeller and Kastalia Medrano, writing for Thrillist:

Kennecott, Alaska
St. Elmo, Colorado
Bodie, California
Ashcroft, Colorado
Cahawba, Alabama
Rhyolite, Nevada
Virginia City, Montana
Garnet, Montana
Elk Falls, Kansas
Batsto Village, New Jersey
Centralia, Pennsylvania
Glenrio, New Mexico and Texas

To me these sound like wonderful stops for future road trips.

Read the article to learn why they felt these were “eerily abandoned.”

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