This may be the way to go.

Without the ability to use a mouse or trackpad, my less than a year old iPad Pro isn’t cutting it as a laptop replacement. Apple begs to differ.

MacBook Pros have become too expensive and come equipped with lousy keyboards. So they are out.

While I can accomplish most everything on my iPad Pro that I could on my MacBook Pro, everything takes longer with iOS, I’m forced to take extra steps to accomplish simple tasks (some call these workarounds), and I am unable to configure MY iPad as I want, and I had to purchase multiple dongles to connect various devices to my iPad Pro.

Surface Go includes a USB-C, a microSD card reader, and a real headphone jack. So, not only would the initial purchase price be less expensive, I would not need to purchase expensive dongles to make it useful.

I haven’t seen the specs, but I’m hoping the Surface Go can be charged up directly from a 12-volt DC supply so I can power it up on the boat without having to use an inefficient power inverter.

After it’s introduction, I will have to decide if I am ready to go back into the Windows PC world? I’ll probably also wait to see if Apple introduces a modern MacBook Air replacement in the next month or two.

Except for very modest boosts in speed, the MacBook Air hasn’t received an upgrade in something like 5 years. It’s dated and it shows. Yet, it remains the best selling MacBook as it’s the least expensive, has the old – and good – keyboard technology, and is the only MacBook with various ports.