This is more than just a little disturbing. Could this be the reason the GOP is failing to fund measures to upgrade electronic voting machines? Might this be what they really want? Distrust over election results. Anarchy at the next Presidential elections in the USA!

If a hacker locks down even one county’s election agency with ransomware, that can create the impression the whole system is compromised. “It’s a phenomenon that can undermine voter confidence,” Deitrich said.

Ransomware would be a new feature of election hacking, which came to public attention after intelligence officials said Russian hackers probed voter registries during the 2016 presidential campaign. A ransomware attack in 2020 could prove devastating, preventing voters from registering or poll workers from confirming voter eligibility, officials say. The hackers’ goal wouldn’t be changing the votes that were cast, but spreading doubt that eligible voters were able to make their voices heard.

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