Italy, then Malta turned away a boatload of 600 migrants (aka people; aka humans), letting them starve in the Mediterranean. So Spain is rescuing them. “The duty of a democratic government is not to look away” in a humanitarian crisis, said Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau – CBC

I think I’ll keep my specs: Blurred vision, burning eyes: This is a Lasik surgery success? – NY Times

The language of the U.S. President and his administration is the language of domestic violenceNew Yorker

I don’t need to ‘understand‘ anyone who still supports this president – Esquire

The U.S. President criticizes the free press and US journalists in front of North Korea President Kim Jong UnBuzzFeed

June 12

1967: The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down all state laws prohibiting or restricting interracial marriages.

1990: Manitoba MLA Elijah Harper votes against the Meech Lake Accord.